The Morning After: Taking Mitch’s day with a pinch of perspective

DETROIT, MI - DECEMBER 16: Chicago Bears quarterback Mitchell Trubisky #10 looks to pass the ball against the Detroit Lions during the first half at Ford Field on December 16, 2017 in Detroit, Michigan. (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)

DETROIT – Eventually it was going to happen – don’t be that naive.

There was going to a game which made you question whether the calculated risk of trading away draft picks to move up one spot to get one guy was going to be worth it.

We’re a long way from the start of “Mitch-A-Palooza,” but for the most part the positive vibes have remained about the quarterback even as the Bears’ season started to dive.

The music stopped for this rookie year party for Trubisky officially on Saturday. Worst fears crept in thanks to a trio of errant throws that for the first time made fans waiver on whether the quarterback of the future would indeed live up to his title.

“Mitch had some really good throws and then we had a couple errant ones, just looking at it by the naked eye,” said head coach John Fox after Trubisky’s first three interception game of his young career. “I saw some of maybe the better ones I’ve seen him throw all season. Obviously, you don’t want to go into a game with three picks.”

No one does.

Bears fans saw too much of that with Jay Cutler (Oddly enough, he did so again with the Dolphins against the bills Sunday) and other quarterbacks during this drought of success with the franchise. Anytime the next solution at the position does the same, it gets people riled up, creeps doubt into their heads.

” So, last week we had a little juice, executed, had things rolling. Today, it seemed like the opposite,” said Trubisky, whose QB rating literally fell in half to 66.3 in a 20-10 loss to the Lions at Ford Field. “So just got to go back, be critical on film to see what I can get better at and continue to push my teammates to get better.”

Meanwhile, in terms of this effort, don’t just take it with a grain of salt, do so with a pinch of perspective.

It’s third-to-last game in a lost season with the coaching staff likely headed out once these two final games come to an end. There still aren’t a lot of receivers at Trubisky’s disposal and the weapons around him won’t save him from any mistakes. Plus all three interceptions came in the second half, when the Bears were forced to throw a lot after a big lead.

But two of those picks did come inside the red zone, when the Bears could have really played the role of spoilers for the playoff-competitive Lions. Plus a bad effort against a good team can eliminate some of that positivity gained against a struggling Bengals team a week earlier.

Still, don’t jump ship over this effort. One of these was bound to happen with a rookie quarterback, and it just so happens that it occurs in his tenth professional game.

“We just got to work on it more, keep doing what we’re doing, keep getting the extra routes in with Mitch (Trubisky) and keep making plays. Whenever they call plays for us, we just got to make those plays,” said receiver Kendall Wright, defending Trubisky’s off day in a way on Saturday. “If you don’t make those plays, they won’t come back to you.  So, we just got to keep making those and keep giving Mitch confidence.”

Fans should keep some in him, too. It’s a bad day at the end of a bad season, one which Trubisky has gotten a crash course in the NFL. A pinch of perspective can help keep that traditional QB negativity in check.