Christmas decorations smashed and stolen from Oak Forest homes

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OAK FOREST, Ill. — It's the holiday season, but as two families learned not everybody is in the giving mood — some are in the taking and destroying mood.

When you look at the Vetter home, you may think, "that looks nice!" But there's actually one tiny reindeer missing from the family's Christmas display, stolen in the middle of the night. The thieves were even caught on a security camera.

And Tuesday night, the Toma family's house was decorated nicely, with lighted candy canes lining their front walkway and lights in the trees and bushes. They even stayed up until 2 a.m. making Christmas cookies.

But sometime after they went to bed, vandals ripped down their lights, pulled out the candy canes and smashed some in the street.

Dan Toma says the display was the work of his daughter-in-law Danielle, who works at Fannie Mae. Now that display is destroyed, the Tomas say they want to warn others that a grinch or grinches are lurking about.

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