Freezing temps continue as Chicagoans prepare for New Year

CHICAGO – Navy Pier is going to be rocking Sunday night as Chicagoans celebrate a New Year and city leaders want to keep everyone safe.

CTA is offering free rides Sunday and police presence will be high. But the biggest concern is the bitter cold weather.

Mother Nature dumped between one and five inches of snow on much of the Chicago area.

Crews have worked around the clock to clear the roads.

Now it’s the tumbling temperatures people have to worry about. Wind chills could dip as low as 35 degrees below zero Sunday night.

A warning has been issued from 9 p.m. until noon on Monday.

City leaders are urging people not to go outside, unless they have to.

But the bitter cold isn’t going to keep everyone home – especially not on New Year’s Eve.

But the weather is dangerously cold. Exposed skin could get frostbite within just 30 minutes.

Those going out Sunday night are urged to bundle up.