Police search for burglars who targeted suburban homes

NORRIDGE, Ill. -- A series of burglaries a northwest suburb have residents on alert. Police are searching for the burglars who targeted a series of homes in a two-hour window.

The attempted burglaries happened Tuesday night in the early evening hours near the 5100 block of Canfield Avenue in Norridge, Ill.

Three suspects tried to break into three different houses and they were caught on multiple home security cameras.

In the video, one can be seen picking up a planter and hurling it at the front storm door, breaking the glass.

In another, one of the suspects knocks on the front door then looks up directly into the camera.

Norridge police said neighbors called 911 when they heard noise and saw the suspects.

The men were never successful actually getting inside any homes, and fled in a black Toyota Corolla.

Police did respond and saw the three men fleeing the scene of one home. They chased them for a short time but they called the pursuit off for safety reasons.

Detectives said two of the men had their faces covered with bandanas, one wearing a black puffy coat and hoodie, the others wearing back packs and hoodies.

“I would warn all the residents if they see anything call. We think this group was going door to door attempting to offering snow shoveling services that was their ruse if someone was home then leave if they answered the door,” Detective Brian Loughlan, Norridge Police Department, said.

Anyone with information is asked to call police.