Volunteers climb 80 flights to support sick kids and their families

CHICAGO – This year’s Aon Step Up for Kids lifted spirits and raised money for patients and families at Lurie Children’s Hospital at the Aon Center downtown Sunday.

Volunteers are expected to raise over $600,000 as they climb the 1,643 steps of the 80-story Aon Center,all in the name of children who face a challenging journey themselves.

“You feel this adrenaline every so often. But you just have to keep pushing. You have to keep going you have to say, ‘I can do this,’” Lakeisha Westmoreland said.

Isaiah Ordonez, 9, walked the 80 flights for his cousin Isaac. His cousin spent time at Lurie Children’s Hospital after doctors removed two brain tumors from his head. Now Isaac is a repeat climber.

“The first time I did it, I did it with my parents to support the nurses and everybody who are at Lurie Children’s hospital who took care of me,” he said.

For Isaac, Isaiah and their troupe, it’s a battle they know can be overcome by taking the steps needed to find health again.