Dreamer, 29, released from ICE custody, officials say

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SKOKIE, Ill. -- A DACA recipient, or "Dreamer," was released from Immigration and Customs Enforcement custody Thursday morning after being detained when he went into a suburban courthouse.

Crhistian Gomez Garcia, 29, was detained by ICE agents on Monday when he entered the Skokie Courthouse to take care of a traffic ticket.

He said he was handcuffed, and was told he was being placed under arrest for being in the country illegally. He was taken to a holding facility in Kenosha, Wisc.

Garcia was 5 years old when he came to the U.S. from Mexico with his mother.

ICE officials did not say why he was targeted this week but in a statement they said, "After further review of his case circumstances,  he was released from ICE custody."

The future of DACA recipients is at the heart of ongoing debate in Washington. Cook County and the state of Illinois have laws aiming to protect individuals from being detained only on the basis of their immigration status.

"Very aggressive, inhumane, very unfair. You don't have a chance to react, to think, to do anything. They ask for a name they turn you around and handcuff you," Gomez said. "We’re here just working, making a living trying to become somebody in this world and anybody that has this could go through this same process that I'm going."

His mother said he was wrongly arrested because of a mistake by former Congressman Luis Gutierrez’s office.

Garcia gained DACA status in 2012 and was applying for an extension with the help of Gutierrez’s office.

His lawyer said he never should have been arrested because a federal court order protected him while his application was being processed.

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