It was a “Super” edition of #FeedonThis from Monday’s Sports Feed

CHICAGO - With one of the co-hosts being apart of the actual weekend to honor the best in the National Football League and then crown a champion, it's natural that this even would be a big part of Monday's Sports Feed.

Indeed Super Bowl LII was the dominant talk during the show with Jarrett Payton, just back from Minneapolis, and Josh Frydman on the program. Most of the show was dedicated to the Eagles' win over the Patriots, especially Social Fodder.

That segment is part of the #FeedonThis from Monday's show which you can watch in the video above.

#ManCrushMonday was another segment that featured a Super Bowl flair - and you can imagine which team got the two picks from the co-anchors.

Josh and Jarrett discuss their most admired Eagles in the video above.

While Philadelphia basks in the glow of their first Super Bowl victory, the Patriots are left to deal with a bitter end to a season filled with a healthy amount of controversy.

Is everything going to be OK with the Brady-Belichick dynasty? Jarrett and Josh discuss in the video above.