Quick-thinking dispatcher helps lead Evanston officers to distraught woman

EVANSTON, Ill. -- A call for a well-being check and a quick thinking dispatcher lead first responders in Evanston to the aid of a distraught woman.

Initially, there was not a lot of information. There was a report of a missing woman threatening to harm herself. They used her cell phone signal to determine her general location but they pinpointed her thanks to a very quick thinking police dispatcher.

The dispatcher searched feeds of security cameras and found the woman on top of a parking garage 12 stories up.

Offices and detectives approached the woman on the roof and talked to her for hours. The woman eventually came down into the safe arms of her family who also arrived on scene.

All of it was documented by the same small camera the dispatcher used to locate her.

The woman is recovering. Her family says she is getting help.