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3 adults, 1 juvenile arrested for driving stolen SUV, police say

CHICAGO – Police arrested three adults and one juvenile that they suspect were driving a stolen SUV on the Eisenhower Expressway on Tuesday.

Police followed the white Range Rover onto the inbound Eisenhower near First Avenue and were able to stop them in rush hour traffic.

Police said the Range Rover was carjacked around midnight Monday from a gas station at 43rd Street and Wentworth Avenue on the South Side.

Travel times on the Eisenhower skyrocketed while police continued the investigation.

The man whose car was stolen spoke to WGN. He was watching the news and saw his Range Rover being recovered live on television.

“It was an experience. I was glad they found it with no dents. I’m thankful for the police, the news, everybody,” he said.

No charges have been filed.