White Sox call out “Wheel of Fortune” for forgetting them on Chicago sports puzzle

CHICAGO – They’ve had to deal with it a few times with ESPN, when their 2005 World Series championship has been ignored a few times when discussing Chicago sports or the snapping of a long baseball title drought.

When it happened on “Wheel of Fortune” on Tuesday, however, the White Sox weren’t about to let it go.

This puzzle featured Chicago sports professional teams, when completed it had the Bears, Blackhawks, Bulls, and Cubs listed on the board.

Someone is missing – and the South Siders made sure they got their due.

With some creative editing and the use of the “S” in Blackhawks, the White Sox put themselves into the puzzle on this picture posted on Twitter.

“Here we fixed it, @WheelofFortune,” is what the team wrote on the post, and once again won over their fans who felt slighted by a national outlet.