Plows move on to side streets during break in snowfall

CHICAGO — Some areas of Chicago picked up more than 10 inches of snow Friday, and now residents are trying to move it out of the way.

Among them is 70-year-old Earnestine Murphy, who was shoveling her sidewalk in the Fernwood neighborhood near 101st and Emerald Saturday afternoon. She says she’s trying to avoid that $500 fine from the City.

“It’s a little bit of exercise, and as long as you can take it in moderation, you’ll be ok,” she said.

Next door in Longwood Manor, neighbors say they help each other make it through the snow-covered side streets around their homes.

“What helped us most, is all the neighbors who had snow plows, came out and helped get stuck out the snow and plow parking spaces so once they get out of getting stuck, they can just pull into a space,” said Rosalind Scaife.

After plowing through the biggest snow of the season, the Chicago Department of Streets and Sanitation is continuing to work around the clock to move all that snow. More than 300 plows have been out on Saturday, clearing side streets during the break in snowfall.

This is the first major snow even for newly-appointed, Streets and Sanitation CommissionerJohn Tully. At snow command, Tully monitors city cameras and road temperatures to keep up with the condition of city streets.

“This one was worrisome because of the duration. It was going to be a four-day event,” Tully said.

Tully said Friday’s snow was especially tough for those on the Southeast Side, where the snow kept falling overnight. When that happens, it’s difficult to tend to those side streets, because the priority is keeping the main arteries clear.

“We caught a break and we moved to al the residential streets and will continue to clear them, I’m confident by sometime this evening, all the residential streets will have been touched,” Tully said.

The plan is to gradually get those plow drivers off work and rested up so they can prepare for the next round of snow, which is expected to come overnight.