Demonze Spruiel joins Sports Feed on Sunday

CHICAGO - As February turns to March, it's another one of those times of transition for sports here in the Windy City.

College baseketball's regular season is winding down while baseball starts to heat up in Arizona. The Bulls are in really rebuilding now as they start to play their young players while the Blackhawks are finishing what will likely will be their first postseason-less Spring in ten years.

Plus the Bears are just a few days from the combine and a few weeks before NFL Free Agency begins.

Demonze Spuruiel, co-host of "The D and Davis Show," discussed a variety of these topics on Sunday's show with Jarrett Payton. He talked about the Bulls' rebuild at length and some baseball as well on CLTV.

You can watch Demonze's segment on Sunday's show in the video above or below.