Circuit Court Clerk Brown says accusers should be prosecuted for lying to feds

CHICAGO -- Circuit Court Clerk Dorothy Brown says the people accusing her of bribery should be prosecuted for lying to federal investigators.

Her office has been at the center of a criminal investigation for nearly five years. Brown is accused of promoting people who bribe her with gifts or money.

Last week, more pay to play allegations surfaced. One employee reportedly told federal investigators that the going rate to buy a job in Brown's office was $10,000.

Brown has repeatedly denied any wrongdoing and has not been charged.

"She believes that individuals that made false accusations to the FBI should be prosecuted," Brown's spokesperson, Jalyne R. Strong-Shaw, said today.

"I don't think she would know what their motivations are," Strong-Shaw continued. "She just knows that they gave false accusations."

Brown sent a letter to local newspapers about the issue.

Brown held a press conference Thursday morning to launch the county's E-filing system.