Rauner and Ives make final push in Republican governor’s race

CHICAGO -- It's the last day of campaigning before Illinois voters go to the polls in the Illinois primary.

Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner was pretty riled up.  At a press conference Monday, he focused on an ad paid for by the Democratic Governor's Association about his primary opponent, Jeanne Ives.

The ad by the DGA says Ives is in "lockstep" with President Trump, appealing to Trump voters who might be turned off by Rauner.

Rauner is condemning the ad he believes helps Ives and will make it easier for Democrats to win in November.

"They're designed to get voters to vote for Ives.  You won't see me getting anybody to vote for Kennedy or Biss.  Why?  Because they're tax hikers and job killers," Rauner said.

Jeanne Ives spoke to us about Rauner saying, "I'm conservative, I don't apologize for that. He's been very unreliable.  He's betrayed our party's values.  Outside of that he's just not good on policy.  He's made terrible decisions for this state," she said.