Joe Knowles discusses his new book on the history of the White Sox on Sports Feed

CHICAGO - Through the years, the Chicago Tribune has taken a look through their archives to create a book full of the history of each of the Windy City's professional sports teams.

In 2018, it was the White Sox's turn to have such documentation of their history from the newspaper.

Associate Managing Editor Joe Knowles was the man to get it organized and written, and with Agate Publishing produced "The Chicago Tribune Book of Chicago White Sox: A Decade-by-Decade History." It involved a lot of research and digging into the Chicago Tribune archives to find the best over the last 100 years of the team's history.

Joe was on Sports Feed to show the fruits of his and other's labor on Tuesday's Sports Feed, discussing the book along with the White Sox of today with Josh Frydman. You can watch that discussion in the video above or below.