Scott Phillips previews Loyola’s first trip to the Final Four since 1963 on Sports Feed

CHICAGO - When he last appeared on Sports Feed back in December, he could have envisioned two of the Final Four teams that are currently in San Antonio and maybe even the third.

But the Loyola Ramblers? Scott Phillips, like many, many others, wasn't thinking of them as a Final Four team.

Over the past two weeks, the 11th-seeded Missouri Valley Conference champions have both surprised and impressed both College Basketball fans and pundits in their first run to the Final Four in 55 seasons. Their strong cohesiveness has put them among the best in the sport, and they'll try to continue their run towards a championship Saturday against Michigan.

That was the biggest part of theĀ  NBC Sports College Basketball Talk writer's visit to Sports Feed to talk with Andy Masur. He also discussed the other match-up between Kansas and Villanova, which you can watch in the video above or below.