Would-be armed burglars caught on tape kicking door, running after confrontation

CHICAGO — Three burglars got a big surprise when they tried to break into an apartment, and it was all caught on tape.

While birds chirp in the background, the video shows three masked men entering Robert Mitchell’s backyard from the alley. The first one takes his crowbar and starts prying open the door, while another kicks it repeatedly. That’s when they got interrupted by Mitchell’s friend, who opened the door before yelling and trying to scare them off.

"He just jumped in the doorway and was like, 'what the hell?!' Kind of just got big and scared them," Mithchell said.

Still, they tried to get in. Mitchell was afraid someone was going to be shot after the third man pulled out a gun. But eventually they ran off.

Police have released descriptions of the offenders:

  • A white man in his 30’s, approximately 6' tall and weighing around 220 lbs.
  • A black man in his 20’s, approximately 6' tall and weighing around 150 lbs., who was seen holding a gun
  • Another white or possibly hispanic man of indeterminate age, who carried the crowbar

Mitchell restores old furniture for a living, and last summer his garage was broken into and all his tools were stolen. He said he doesn’t know if both incidents are related.

Police are investigating, and ask anyone who recognizes the suspects to call.