Nick Schultz recaps Loyola’s incredible run to the Final Four on Sports Feed

CHICAGO - Everyone picked up the run by the Ramblers at different points.

Some only started following the team once they got to the Sweet 16. Others got on the bandwagon when they got the MVC Championship. Others started catching on after their upset of No. 5 Florida in December.

But Nick Schultz of the Loyola Phoenix has followed the Ramblers from the start of their season to the finish in San Antonio, getting a unique perspective on the run that was one of the highlights of the NCAA Tournament.

On Thursday, he appeared on Sports Feed to recap the past six months for the program with Jarrett Payton and Josh Frydman while also looking to the future of the program that is back on the national map.

To watch Nick's segments on Thursday's show in the video above or below.