Volunteers pack thousands of meals for families in developing countries

Glen Ellyn, Ill. — On a cold, rainy Sunday, the scene inside the Glen Ellyn Bible Church could warm any heart.

Some 1,300 volunteers assembled, joining a three-day effort to pack more than a quarter million meals. The church raised the $60,000 needed to pay for the products and shipping, and the meals will join others sent to those in need by Feed My Starving Children, a nonprofit that has packaged over two billion meals over the past 30 years.

Volunteer John Foster says their Glen Ellyn effort has prepared over a million meals so far, and counting. Packed with vitamins and proteins, the meals are sent to children and families in developing countries.

"It’s designed specifically for people with nutritional deficiencies," Foster said.

Once kids get their basic needs met, including something to eat, the organization can help them find hope in their lives and get an education, according to Feed My Starving Children's Danny Pyne.

"Because we are able to give them food, they’re able to use it as a stabilizing platform, and then we can work on the rest of stabilization issues from there," Pyne said. "It’s so important because these kids deserve a chance."

For some, it's a lesson in giving back, even to those we don't know and will never meet.

"You can look at it and that’s one thing, but then you come in here and start moving that rice and packing up and you realize the privilege we have," Foster said.