Cook Co. Jail detainee indicted for trying to bring cannabis into jail

Suit alleges inmates not protected from violence at Cook County Jail

Calvin Odell (Cook County Sheriff’s Office)

CHICAGO — A detainee at the Cook County Jail was indicted for trying to bring drugs into the jail.

Calvin Odell, 36, was charged after officials said someone left a package of marijuana for him at the jail’s hospital.

The Cook County Sheriff’s Office said correctional officers found six grams of marijuana in the hospital’s inmate-only bathroom. Officials said they discovered David Fuller, 27, who is on parole after an aggravated battery conviction, was the person who placed the package of marijuana under the bathroom doorway.

Fuller was charged last month with attempting to bring cannabis into a penal institution. He was released on bond.

Investigators said they learned Fuller left the package for Odell, an inmate who was at the hospital for an appointment.

Odell has been in custody since 2015. He was originally booked on multiple charges including aggravated vehicular hijacking, armed robbery, armed habitual criminal and unlawful use of a weapon.

Police released video of the incident.