2 exonerated men file lawsuit against police alleging they were framed

HAMMOND, Ind. -- Two Indiana men who served decades behind bars for a rape they did not commit, are now suing the Hammond police officers and crime lab scientists who helped convict them, claiming they were framed.

Attorney Elliot Slosar, the lawyer representing Darryl Pinkins Sr. and Roosevelt Glenn Sr., said Detective Solan went “out of his way” to frame them. He said the detective fabricated four false statements for jail house informants.

Pinkins and Glenn spent a combined 42 years in prison for a 1989 rape of a then 26-year-old Hammond woman.

Pinkins and Roosevelt allege they were framed by detectives working for the Hammond Police Department and scientists working for the Indiana State Police Crime Lab.

The suit claims police misconduct and what attorneys call manipulated junk science of DNA evidence at the time and a victim who mistakenly identified the men.

Both men were working for the same Indiana steel production company and never been in trouble before.

On Wednesday, they said they are not bitter, but do want the people who sent them to prison held criminally and financially responsible.

“Back then I was working as a family man. I had a good job. No record of any kind at the age of 38. Not even a jaywalking ticket. This all came as a shock. I thank God for the stamina that both of us had while we were in prison,” Pinkins said.

“I'm glad to be standing here today because this is truly a nightmare and I thank God for the support system I have. My family who stood by me all the time,” Glenn said.

The men are asking authorities to reopen the investigation to find the men who committed the crime.

Police did not comment.