#FeedonThis: It was Devin and Matt’s Day at Halas Hall

CHICAGO - It was a special day for two players that defined a decade of Chicago Bears football.

Matt Forte and Devin Hester are part of the best players for the franchise in the new millenium, and while the ended their career somewhere else, both had the chance to retire in Chicago  on Monday.

Both signed one-year deals with the Bears at Halas Hall, and Jarrett Payton was there to see it. He even got a shout out from Hester, who played with Payton at the University of Miami.

Naturally he had a lot to say about it on Sports Feed with Josh Frydman and their discussion was part of #FeedonThis from the show which you can watch in the video above.

You could probably guess who Jarrett picked for his man crush on Monday - and Josh was thinking along the same lines with his pick.

See their picks in Man Crush Monday in the video above.