Community steps up to support teen struck by stray bullet on CTA bus

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CHICAGO — Community activists and friends came together Sunday to show their support for Ulises Triano after the teen was hit in the head by a bullet on a CTA bus Wednesday afternoon.

Ulises was on his way home from school when a stray bullet hit him in the head, fracturing his skull. Police are pretty sure he was not the target of the shooter and the gun was liklely fired from two blocks away.

"Out of nowhere I felt my head hit the window, I fell to the ground and I thought the Earth was shaking," he remembers. "I couldn't control my body, I couldnt control my legs."

Emergency workers quickly got him to the hospital, and he was later released on Friday. He said he has some numbness in the left side of his body, but is expected to be fine and he hopes to be back on the soccer field soon.

But he was all smiles as community activists Dawn Valente and Beti Guevara helped him get two brand new pairs of shoes Sunday, after seeing the 15-year-old's  bloody pair on television.

"I want to thank family, friends, my school, community, all these organizations giving me things and being so generous and kind, thank you, and many things I would have never really expected," he said.

The teen is taking the week off from school to recover, and today's gifts will certainly go a long way to help.

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