Family of missing 3-month-old pleading with police to issue Amber Alert

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CHICAGO — It's been more than a week since three-month-old Royalty Wolf was taken by her birth mother during a supervised visit, and as authorities race to locate the infant who they say may be in danger, D.C.F.S. is under fire for the kidnapping.

Royalty and her mother, 24-year-old Mikequera Randolph, were last seen on May 14 during a visit supervised by D.C.F.S. near 15th and Avers in the Lawndale neighborhood. Randolph fled with Royalty, who has been missing for nine days now.

Chicago police say as of Tuesday evening they have no new information to report. Royalty has two other siblings in foster care, and the mother of one of them spoke out Tuesday in hopes of convincing Randolph to bring her home safe.

"I beg you please, do the right thing; turn her in," Julianne Neely said. "I know you want to be the wonderful mom that you can be, but you have to do that the right way."

WGN learned Tuesday that Royalty was sick and had to go to the hospital in the days before she was abducted, making the push to find her even more urgent. Officials believe the child may be in danger because of the mother’s long history of violent and unstable behavior.

"She’s very unstable and she can turn on a dime and become really aggressive and violent," Neely said of Randolph.

Both Neely and Missing Persons Awareness Network Founder Gia Hoffman called on the 24-year-old to turn herself in.

"We are pleading that an Amber Alert be given immediately effective now in order to get the awareness across Illinois and across the nation," Hoffman said during a press conference Tuesday.

But Chicago police say the case doesn’t meet the criteria for an Amber Alert. According to the Department of Justice, the four guidelines for issuing an Amber Alert are: if law enforcement confirms an abduction, the child is at risk of seriously bodily harm or death, there is enough descriptive information about the child or abductor and if the child is 17 years old or younger.

"Anybody in the community that knows anything or heard anything call 911, call any enforcement in your area," Hoffman said. "Please, for the love of Jesus, for the love of this child, bring her home."

In the meantime a Facebook page called “Help Find Royalty Wolf” has been created in hopes of bringing the child home safe.

"Raising awareness is super important," Hoffman said.

Community activist Andrew Holmes is offering a $1,500 reward to help find Royalty and her mother.

D.C.F.S. had not replied to requests for comment as of the time of this story.

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