Paramedics have ambulance struck by bullet, get assaulted by patient during single call

CHICAGO — The Chicago Fire Department says paramedics responding to a call about a woman in need of assistance had their ambulance struck by a bullet, and were assaulted by the patient they were attempting to treat early Monday.

The shooting occurred as the paramedics responded to a call about a 19-year-old woman who needed medical attention in the Englewood neighborhood around 4 a.m. Sunday.

CFD spokesman Larry Langford told the Chicago Tribune paramedics heard loud bursts and a bullet was later found lodged in the ambulance door. He said the ambulance was likely not targeted and that the shot may have been fired during a conflict down the street.

Langford said after the woman regained consciousness, she became unruly and attacked the paramedics. In a statement, Chicago police said 19-year-old Latorya Thigpen punched, kicked and scratched the paramedics as they attempted treatment, even causing one of them to lose consciousness.

Thigpen was treated and released from a hospital, and now faces two felony counts of Aggravated Battery.