Elgin woman fighting to keep ‘Impeach Trump’ sign up after city says it must come down

ELGIN, Ill. – The 94-year-old owner of a political yard sign plans to fight against her town's request to take it down.

Myra Becker has a sign in her yard that says “Impeach President Trump Now!” but the city told her she needs to take it down, not because of what it says but because it’s too big.

While Becker can’t get around as easily as she once did--her mind is as politically sharp as politics have gotten.

“I think the Republican congress people are wimps. I guess, whatever word may be better, you use your judgement,” she said.

She is a lifelong Democrat, who says she has voted for some Republicans, just not President Donald Trump.

Becker said somebody had to speak up, and that somebody was her.

“It really was that I can’t march anymore. I can’t protest anymore and I’m not great on the walker for doing things. I could put a sign up is what I could do,” she said.

She said her message is simple and straight forward, but respectful of the office.

Someone called the City of Elgin to complain about her sign in May. A few days ago, Becker got a visit by a city inspector telling her the sign had to come down.

Elgin spokesperson Molly Center said she was told to take it down because it is twice the size allowed under city code.

“She can replace the sign with exact same content as long as it is in the three square feet,” Center said.

The message, not the size, was on Becker’s mind when she ordered the sign for her yard. She also ordered one for a friend, and another as a spare.

“I didn’t think anything about it. It never occurred to me. I should have thought of that,” Becker said.

Frank Shields, one of Becker’s neighbors, is on the polar opposite end of her political thinking.

“If you live in this country how can you be anti-president? The man has done wonders for this country in spite of half thinking he didn't,” Shields said.

Becker swears she’s not anti-president just anti-Trump and while she considers her next steps—the sign will stay put—she’s already called a sign company to see if she can get a sign made with the same message just smaller.

“This is too precious. Our democracy is much too precious to let this happen,” she said.

If Becker refuses to remove the sign, she faces a fine of $50, which she can contest.

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