Zion man, 21, charged with impersonating cop while trying to purchase gun

BENTON TOWNSHIP, Ill. —  A man has been charged for impersonating an officer while trying to purchase a gun with a stolen badge in Benton Township.

Marquise Lewis, 21, of Zion, Ill., is charged with a felony count of falsely impersonating a peace officer.

Police say employees at 5 Star Firearms called the Lake County Sheriff’s Office after Lewis came into the store attempting to buy a weapon.

Lewis identified himself as a police officer, while presenting a badge. The employees had doubts about his police officer status and contacted authorities.

Sheriff’s Deputies responded and confirmed he was not a police officer.

According to the Chicago Tribune, Lewis had been a civilian employee of the city of Zion and stole an officer’s badge during his employment.

Lewis appeared in court Tuesday and was released on a $25,000 Recognizance Bond.

He will appear in court again on July 11.