Lauren Comitor talks Cubs and White Sox on Monday’s Sports Feed

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CHICAGO - There is excitement for a series in June, and that's OK. It's blowing it out of proportion that can sometimes be problematic.

Hence there is some buzz about the Cubs and the Brewers facing each other in Milwaukee for first place in the NL Central this week, but it's at least somewhat under control.

No matter the result, outside of getting badly swept, fans of the North Siders have to feel good about the team's recent strong play as of late that has them 12 games over .500.

Even the White Sox, who've struggled during most of their second year of rebuilding, have shown some optimistic signs over the past few weeks at the MLB level while their prospects continue to mature in the minors.

Lauren Comitor of The Athletic Chicago discussed both teams on her most recent trip to the show on Monday with Jarrett Payton and Josh Frydman. Watch her segments in the video above or below.

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