Durbin plans tough questions for any Supreme Court nominee

CHICAGO -- As a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee,  U.S. Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) will be grilling President Trump's Supreme Court nominee.

Senator Durbin was at a North Side school Monday morning to talk with some kids at a summer camp.

But, all of the talk with reporters had to do with whom President Trump will pick Monday night.

The senator says he and others on the committee will ask pointed questions to try and figure out exactly what kind of judge will be on the bench for likely a generation to come.

Even though republicans refused to give President Obama's nominee a vote toward the end of his term in office, Durbin says he doesn't think democrats will vote "no" regardless of the president's choice.

"I wouldn't' say that at all.  It's unfair to the nominee, but since we know its a pre-selective group from the Federalist Society we know they are going to be extremely conservative, very conservative nominees," Durbin said. "I'd be surprised otherwise."

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