#FeedonThis: Feeling the love for current and former Bulls

CHICAGO - You wouldn't think that Derrick Rose would find his way into an interview at the World Cup final, but indeed he did.

Antoine Griezmann of France name dropped the former Bulls' guard after his country beat Croatia on Sunday in Moscow. It was a surprise to many, but if you look at the forward's past, he's actually a pretty big fan of Rose.

Jarrett Payton and Josh Frydman told that story during Social Fodder on Monday's Sports Feed, which is part of #FeedonThis which you can watch in the video above or below.

Meanwhile Jarrett showed some love during the "Man Crush Monday" segment to one of the current members of the Bulls.

See his pick along with Josh's selection in the video above.

It's All-Star week for a select few Cubs and White Sox players.

See who Jarrett and Josh have for the Home Run Derby in the video above.