Teens learn to avoid distraction, turn out of a skid at advanced driving course

WEST CHICAGO, Ill. — Hundreds of teens had the chance to learn the rules of the road from some of the best over the weekend.

For 15 years, Ford has brought its Driving Skills for Life Course around the world, teaching teens like Juliana Tassi the tricks of the driving trade, like hazard recognition, distracted driving, and pulling out of a skid. Teens take on the course with a driving instructor in the passenger street.

"I had my friend and someone else in the back seat and they would scream everything," Tassi said. "I was not feeling good about it at all."

While 400 teens from around the Chicago area took part, parents got to learn something too.

"We didn’t have this when we were growing up... I drove in cemeteries," Juliana's mother Nancy Tassi said.

Ford pays for the course. Money, well spent, they say, to reduce teen driving deaths.

"The leading cause of death for teens, unfortunately is crashes," said Ford's Jim Graham.

For Juliana, it’s a class she’s glad she got to take for a spin.

"I never knew many of these things before coming here do I think that was the big help from being here," she said.

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