Police release audio of Semaj Crosby’s mother calling 911

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JOLIET, Ill. – More than a year after a child was found dead under a couch inside her Joliet Township home, police released the 911 call her mother made when she realized the girl was missing.

Sheri Gordon made the call on the day she reported 1-year-old Semaj Crosby missing on April 25, 2017. Two days later, police discovered the child’s body under a couch in her home.

The following was heard on the call:

911 Operator: 911, where is your emergency?

Sheri Gordon: Yes, my daughter is missing. I cannot find her. She was outside playing with the kids and she’s missing ... It was a whole lot of kids out here. It was a whole lot of kids out here. It was a lot of adults watching them every day.”

911 Operator: Alright, but you checked the house really well, correct? She’s not in the car?

Police identified Gordon and four others as persons of interest. None of them have been charged.

Semaj’s death was ruled a homicide in Sept. 2017. Officials said she died of asphyxiation.

The Department of Child and Family Services visited the home just hours before she was reported missing. The house later burned down in suspected arson.

The head of DCFS said “mistakes were made” in the case and said they were working to make changes.

Semaj Crosby

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