Willie Wilson defends cash handouts, rips Mayor Emanuel

CHICAGO -- Candidate for Chicago Mayor Willie Wilson remains defiant.

At a news conference Thursday he said  he’s worked hard for his money and if he wants to give it away, he will.

 A man of deep faith who’s developed a reputation for helping the needy, a recent cash giveaway at a South Side church remains in the spotlight.

It may have been legal, it was not an official campaign stop and he’s not officially candidate, but the Illinois Attorney General’s Office asked Wilson’s foundation to provide more information.   Wilson called a news conference to complain about the scrutiny.

"I was raised in south Jim Crow days. I’m just tired of white people telling me what to do with my own money," said Wilson.

Wilson, who was joined by supporters today at Chicago Baptist Institute International, unloaded on Mayor Emanuel.

"Rahm Emanuel should be ashamed of himself. He is a crook. He takes the poor people’s money and give it to his rich friends. The contract that he gives to his friends and turns around and donates to back to his campaign. Why aren’t they investigating that? Today, I’m going to ask the Attorney General — two people are running for mayor — if you investigate one. I ask her to investigate him. Right?"

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