The Cubs’ bullpen’s newest celebration: ‘Duck, Duck, Goose’

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CHICAGO – The start of one of the bigger series for the Cubs in the last two months of the season was a bit rough for the Cubs offense on Tuesday as they were shutout by Brewers pitching.

That meant that the bullpen had very little to celebrate underneath the left field stands at Wrigley Field.

So when they finally got the chance to celebrate, the pitchers decided to pull out something new.

Following Anthony Rizzo’s first inning, two-run homer, the Cubs’ bullpen decided to celebrate with a game of “Duck, Duck, Goose.”

All of the pitchers got into a circle and then a security guard made his way around the circle before eventually tapping one of the pitchers who eventually chased him around the circle.

The moment was caught on the WGN broadcast for just a second, but may be one of the more memorable performances by the bullpen since their dancing became a thing in the 2017 season. That’s the year in which the Cubs’ bullpen was moved from left field foul territory underneath the bleachers.

As time goes along, the group is getting more and more creative with their celebrations.

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