Non-union Treasure Island workers file second lawsuit for late layoff notice

CHICAGO — Former non-union Treasure Island Foods employees filed a lawsuit Thursday, claiming that the company did not notify employees of mass layoffs within the time frame of state and federal laws.

The class action lawsuit was filed by 10 former employees who said the company violated the Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act because they did not give workers the standard 60-day notice of company-wide layoffs, according to the Chicago Tribune.

The employees also claimed Treasure Island did not pay them for unused paid time off they accrued, which they claim is also a violation of the Illinois Wage Payment and Collection Act.

This new lawsuit is separate from the lawsuit filed by unionized former employees who protested at the company's headquarters in Lakeview.

Treasure Island Foods closed its six remaining store locations on Wednesday after 55 in business. Employees received termination letters in late September.