AG Jeff Sessions in Chicago, speaks about opposition to consent decree

CHICAGO —Attorney General Jeff Sessions visited Chicago Friday and spoke before the city’s Crime Commission about his opposition to the consent decree.

“This did not have to happen overall. This agreement did not have to happen. In 2015 and 2016, Chicago had the same police department, the same prosecutors, but the results were different, dramatically. You don’t need a study to know why that happened, however we have one,” Sessions said. “Former federal judge Paul Cassell and Professor Richard Fowles of the University of Utah examined what happened here, considered a number of possible causes, and found that the cause of virtually all of the riots and homicides was the ACLU agreement.”

Sessions visit comes one week after the Department of Justice asked a judge to reject Chicago’s police consent decree.

The plan would put the city’s police department under federal oversight.

Sessions claims the there is no need for the decree, and that the crime problems should be solved at the state and local levels.

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel tweeted about Sessions’ Friday visit: “Today Jeff Sessions praised Bill Bratton’s NYPD leadership, then attacked Chicago. Before the AG runs his mouth he should get educated on what he’s talking about. Bratton is America’s top police expert and yesterday he praised Chicago’s crime reductions over the past 2 years.”

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