2 killed in hit-and-run crash on South Side

CHICAGO -- Police are searching for the person who was involved in a crash that left two people dead.

The two-car collision happened at 1 a.m. Thursday in the intersection of State Street and 71st Street in the Park Manor neighborhood.

Police said a man speeding in a white car exited the northbound State Street ramp and collided with a black SUV on 71st Street.

Two men in the SUV were taken to the hospital where they were pronounced dead.

The victims have been identified as Jerome Clopton, 35, and James Moore, 42.

The man in the white car ran-off.

A witness said there was a police car stopped at the light, and chased after the suspect.

Police used a K-9 unit and a helicopter to try and find him.

A gas station at the scene shared surveillance video of the crash with authorities.