Extra security at North Riverside mall after social media threats

NORTH RIVERSIDE, Ill. — A suburban mall increased security measures after social media threats.

People under the age of 17 are not being allowed inside North Riverside Park Mall without parental supervision. Police from surrounding departments were called to assist.

The mall was forced to shut down on Saturday as big crowds of young people caused major disturbances inside. Two young people were arrested after the melee on Saturday. No one was injured.

There has been a lot of social media chatter suggesting it’s about to happen again, so everyone at the mall is on a heightened state of alert.

Some parents are wondering whether or not it’s safe to bring their kids to the mall.

“Parents need to get ahold on their kids because its their kids causing the problems. It's not the police. You need to take control of your kids, know where they are, know what they're doing at all times,” Yolanda Brownlee, a parent, said. "They have phones. Keep in contact with them. Some don't do that and when they get in trouble, they blame other people."

Police have restricted mall entrances and closed some doors.

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