Christian Shanafelt looks ahead to the Bears’ draft on Sports Feed

CHICAGO - This time, things are a little bit different for Ryan Pace and the Bears' front office as they get ready for the NFL Combine and the draft.

They don't have a pick near the top of the draft, in fact, they don't even have a first or second rounder. Pace has five picks at his disposal following trades that helped to make the Bears one of the best teams in the NFL. It certainly makes his job a little different as he attempts to get the right pieces in place to build a Bears' Super Bowl team.

Christian Shanafelt of NFL Draft Bible was one of those talking to some of the prospects at the NFL Combine this week, and he discusses who he thinks the Bears might have interest in on Sports Feed Sunday with Jarrett Payton and Andy Masur.

Watch their discussion in the video above or below.

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