#FeedonThis: ‘Coach Q’s’ legacy remains strong

CHICAGO - He's not been on the Blackhawks for a couple of months now, but that hasn't erased a decade of memories he made with the team.

A lot of that came flooding back this Sunday when Joel Quenneville gave his first interview since being fired by the Blackhawks in November. When asked about their former coach at morning skate on Monday, Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane reflected fondly on "Coach Q."

That was one of the topics of discussion for Jarrett Payton and Josh Frydman on Monday's Sports Feed. It's also part of #FeedonThis which you can watch in the video above.

Thanks to the Brewers, the topic of "Mean Girls" came up during Social Fodder, and it made for an interesting conversation between the host.

See it in the video above.

Man Crush Monday was back again, and this week the selections were from a goalie making a great comeback and an NFL player who won't come back to the NFL, but had a unique way to announcement.

See Jarrett and Josh's pick in the video above.

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