Chicago police recover 60 guns, father and son in custody

CHICAGO — Dozens of weapons were recovered during a raid on the city's West Side.

Chicago police tweeted photos Friday morning from the raid.

According to officers, 60 guns were recovered from a home near Cullerton Street and Kildare Avenue in West Lawndale.

Police found semi-automatic hand guns, a revolver, AK-47s, drum magazines holding 60 high-caliber rounds, boxes of ammunition, bullet-proof vests, illegal narcotics and more inside the home.

Two people, believed to be a father and son, have been taken into custody, but no charges have been filed yet.

Captain Gil Calderon said the men are believed to have gang affiliations.

Neighbors said they are stunned to hear the news.

"Friendly, always responsive, always waving at you, coming in and out, working hard," Andrei Bryant, neighbor, said.

More than 500 weapons have been seized by police so far in 2019.

Authorities said they believe these guns were being sold out of the home.

Police say the investigation is still ongoing.

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