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  • The Work of George Kokines is the New Exhibit at The National Hellenic Museum

    The National Hellenic Museum announces a new exhibit. George Kokines: Layers Revealed. The museum’s president, Laura Calamos, talked to Bill Moller about the artist’s journey and what visitors can expect from his body of work. Take a look.  

  • Missouri Woman Wants to be Where the People…Aren’t

    Sometimes you just need a break. Recording artist, Paula Saunders was feeling just that when she came up with a little tune in her car. Enlisting the help of Disney’s “The Little Mermaid”, Saunders accurately expresses how most of us feel when we just need some alone time. Oh, and what a voice! Take a listen.

  • Get “Shrew’d” at First Folio Theatre

    Executive Director David Rice tells us about this musical adaptation of Shakespeare’s “Taming of the Shrew.” The production runs from July 11th until August  19th at First Folio Theatre Take a listen to learn how the musical incorporates some modern themes.  

  • Chicago Sinfonietta: Celebrating Diversity Through Music

    The Chicago Sinfonietta celebrates a multitude of cultures  by straying from the typical classical musical collection and choosing to perform music that reflects the diversity of Chicago. Musical Director Mei-Ann Chen stopped by the station to tell just how they make it work. Take a look.

  • Larry’s Barber College Teaches Life Skills to Curb Violence

    Larry Roberts of Larry’s Barber College teaches his students more than grooming. He says the life skills taught at the college gives the students helps them to break down barriers. Especially his students in the Cook County Correctional Center. Find out how you can help gives these students a fighting chance.

  • I Grow Chicago sprouts hope in Englewood

    CHICAGO — The mission of I Grow Chicago is to grow Englewood from surviving to thriving through community connection, skill building and opportunity. Co-Executive Directors Quentin Mables and Erin Vogel stopped by the WGN studio to explain how they carry out that mission and how you can help. Take a look.

  • Former Attorney General Loretta Lynch to Speak at Gary NAACP 53rd Annual Life Membership Banquet

    The NAACP Gary Chapter is dedicated to ensuring equal rights for all people. The upcoming banquet seeks to celebrate those accomplishments. Chapter President Stephen Mays talked to Bill Moller about the impact the organization has on Northwest Indiana. Take a look.

  • Chicago Student is Accepted to 36 Colleges and Offered Nearly $1 Million in Scholarships

    National Decision Day was earlier this week. This is when high school seniors announce where they will attend college in the fall. One student from the city’s west side had a myriad of choices as she was accepted to 36 colleges! Danaya Doughty and her mother Tonja Harris joined Bill Moller on set to talk about how she did it and where she ultimately decided to go. Take a look.

  • Jonny Zavant – The Mentalist, Shocks Bill Moller

    Mentalist, Jonny Zavant doesn’t call himself a mind reader, but definitely shocked Bill Moller on set today. Watch the interview to find out how you can catch him live in action.

  • Ricardo Rosenkranz sprinkles his magic on set as he previews the Rosenkranz Mysteries

    The healing power of magic, that’s what the Physician Magician Ricardo Rosenkranz brought to the CLTV set today. It’s also what you can expect to experience when you go see the “Rosenkranz Mysteries” at the Royal George theater. The magic truly is a wonderful mystery. Just watch Bill Moller try to figure out this card trick.

  • Don’t Take A Holiday From Your Job Search

    If you’re trying to land a new job in the new year, don’t take a break from your job search during the holiday season.  Lauren Milligan, Career Coach and owner of ResuMayDay, says the most popular month to get hired is January. That means companies are conducting interviews now! Milligan shares some great to tips on how to get the most success if you’re looking for a new job.